1 x Gaia-Wind Turbine – 4 Js Workspace

1 x Gaia-Wind Turbine – 4 Js Workspace 2018-09-18T15:19:38+00:00

Project Overview

This installation is for generating energy to aid powering a family run and owned business park of work spaces along with several buildings which are multipurpose for clients to use with a range of tenants. The business park is an re-purposed site, previously a farm which was the families former business.

The turbine located on the edge of the moors in Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire. The location offers good positioning as the wind builds up over the moor and is often a steady Westerly wind with an updraft.

This turbine was installed to save money for the businesses park to make it more economically viable and environmentally friendly. The turbine’s energy is combined with energy sourced from the national grid and is sold onto the tenants by the owners.

The turbine runs consistently dependent on the wind however the site currently has no storing capacity so the energy generated at night when power usage is low is sold back to the national grid.

The turbines specification

Proposal: Installation of a 11kW Gaia-wind turbine

Turbine Specifications: 11kW turbine, mounted on 18m free standing lattice mast. Each turbine is twin bladed with blade diameter of 13m.

Installed: October 2012

Estimated annual carbon savings: 14283 

The turbines generation

Mean annual energy generation over 5 yrs installed: 40627.2kWh

Estimated generation figures: 25170kWh

This turbine generates 38% more KWh than its estimation per year and has exceeded the prediction by a phenomenal amount as shown in the graph to the left. 

4 Js Workspace has been more than impressed with the services provided by Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd.
Jon and his team (especially office/customer relations manager Lucy) are always efficient and professional – a real pleasure to work with.
It’s very apparent that all those involved in this company are passionate and dedicated, undoubtedly motivated by their extensive knowledge, practical experience and green energy ethos.
Anybody looking to pursue a sustainable energy project would struggle to find a better collaborative partner than SES Ltd.

J. Rowntree, 4 Js Workspace