Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000 5kW

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Britwind (formerly Evance) has been manufacturing and supplying small wind turbines for over 15 years. The Britwind Evance R9000 was the first wind turbine under 10kW to be fully certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), making it eligible for the UK Feed-in tariff scheme. This British-built turbine is suitable for projects such as schools, farms, rural homes and light commercial. Designed at Loughborough University, the Britwind Evance R9000 supersedes its predecessor (the Iskra AT5) and with installations across the globe there are over 1,800 turbines currently producing around 20,550MWh of energy per year.

The Britwind Evance R9000 implements advances in aerodynamics and electronics and as a result delivers one of the most advanced small wind turbines on the market with outstanding efficiency, reliability and safety. Key features include a low cut-in wind speed, a maximum rotor speed of 230rpm and a patented blade pitching system. Significantly, at low to moderate wind speeds the patented pitch system holds the blades in the optimum position for capturing maximum energy and at high wind speeds the mechanism automatically pitches the blades so the turbine can regulate energy capture and rotational speed, therefore allowing the Britwind Evance R9000 to capture energy up to the full 5kW power rating.

The Britwind Evance R9000 has been specifically designed to capture more energy at lower wind speeds thus making it one of the most efficient 5kW turbines available. It starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run continuously at high wind speeds, so providing the maximum yield possible. Additionally, with a patented high efficiency generator, the Britwind Evance R9000 converts up to 96% of the energy captured into electricity in on- and off-grid applications.

Notably both the wind turbine and the tower are designed to provide outstanding durability. Another key point is with fewer moving parts than many other products, in particular no gearbox, the Britwind Evance R9000’s maintenance is minimal. Furthermore, the Britwind Evance R9000 has been designed to be a modern and visually pleasing wind turbine which consequently has a minimum visual impact on its surroundings – henceforth a distinct advantage for obtaining planning permission.

*figures provided by manufacturer

Architecture: Upwind, 3 bladed rotor, self-regulating

Rated Power: 5kW

IEC Turbine Class: Class II

Rotor Diameter: 5.5m

Swept Area: 24m2

Tower Types: 9m, 12m, 15m tilt-up monopole

Grid Connection: Single phase (compatible with three phase)







5.0 m/s 9,018 kWh

Low Wind Speed –

Villages, small towns,

woods or agricultural areas

with many high hedges

6.0 m/s 13,429 kWh

Medium Wind Speed –

Agricultural areas with

some windbreaks

and some buildings

7.0 m/s 17,586 kWh

High Wind Speed –

Open landscape with

few buildings and

no windbreaks

Please note that figures quoted on this page have been taken from the manufacturer’s data sheet.

Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000 – Data Sheet