2 x Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000 5kW Installation

2 x Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000 5kW Installation 2018-06-07T15:41:40+00:00


Pump House Farm is a small dairy farm on the outskirts of Lancaster, Lancashire. The client approached Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd to provide a solution to offset high energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. Following a site survey it was determined that two small scale 5kW Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000 wind turbines would be the most appropriate to supply the farm with renewable energy, as well as being sympathetic to the landscape setting. After the submission of detailed documentation, planning approval was granted by the Local Planning Authority. Following the discharge of planning conditions, Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd installed the two wind turbines in September 2014.

One turbine provides renewable electricity directly to the milking sheds, an operation which unavoidably consumes high amounts of electricity. The second is connected to the domestic property. As well as supporting the property and outbuildings at Pump House Farm the turbines shall also provide a small income from any excess electricity sold to the National Grid.

Proposal: Installation of two 5kW Britwind (Formerly Evance) wind turbines
Turbine Specifications: 5kW turbine, mounted on 15m free standing mast. Each turbine is three-bladed with blade diameter of 5.5m
Installed: September 2014
Estimated annual energy generation: 20,992 kWh (10,496 kWh per turbine)
Estimated annual carbon saving: 11.924 tonnes (5.962 tonnes per turbine)

“Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd immediately understood our need to reduce our energy bills. Their expertise from start to finish have been invaluable, from their knowledge of the planning system and their discussions with the National Grid Operators to the installation of the turbines themselves. The team at Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd are always available to answer any questions I have and have made the whole process as smooth as possible for me.”

Mr Chris Lund, Pump House Farm