2x Gaia-Wind 133 11kW Installation

2x Gaia-Wind 133 11kW Installation 2018-06-07T15:41:40+00:00

Project Overview

Plumpton Head Farm is set within 600 acres of agricultural land north of Penrith It is an established dairy farm that has been run by the Threlfell family for over 60 years. The farm manages 250 dairy cows and employs two fulltime, locally based staff to help the running of the business. At a time when energy prices are rising dramatically, with such a high energy usage it is vitally important to the applicant’s business to reduce the exposure of the business to such price increases. An agreement with the clients’ current milk provider also requires a reduction in the business’ carbon footprint. The client considered the range of technologies available and determined that Gaia-Wind turbines were the most suitable means of doing this.

Two 11kW Gaia-Wind turbines were installed by Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd at Plumpton Head Farm in February 2014. The energy produced by these turbines provides electricity directly to Plumpton Head Farm. It is being used to cool milk, heat water, power the scrapers, slurry mixers, separate slurry, as well as powering the vast amount of lighting within the farm buildings.

Proposal: Installation of two 11kW Gaia-wind turbines
Turbine Specifications: 11kW turbine, mounted on 18m free standing lattice mast. Each turbine is twin bladed with blade diameter of 13m.
Installed: February 2014
Estimated annual energy generation: 40,400 kWh (20,200 kWh per turbine)
Estimated annual carbon saving: 22 tonnes (11 tonnes per turbine)

“From start to finish the service provided by Sustainable Energy Systems was fantastic with no hassle or work to do myself. No problem was too big for them to manage and their expertise was invaluable throughout the development process. After a few difficult years, the turbines shall provide additional, income guaranteed for 20 years that shall allow us to reduce our escalating energy bills and let us to look to a bright future.”

Mr Richard Threlfell, Plumpton Head Farm