4kW Ground Mount Solar PV Installation

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Project Overview

Bowland Wild Boar Park has been open since the 1990’s and had a keen interest in installing a 4kW Ground Mount Solar PV system. Originally William Bailey started out as a pig farmer then diversified in 2000. He made the decision to keep the wild boar and since then he has added numerous animals such as meerkats, racoons, llama, alpaca, and donkeys.

Today the Boar Park boasts a large play area and café shop. On site they offer tractor and trailer rides, chick stroking and lamb feeding with on average 40,000 visitors a year. They employ 6 full time and 8 part time members of staff at the park.

They chose to proceed with the renewable development because there is no mains electricity supplied to the park and it would be too expensive to have it installed.

The renewable installation will benefit the business as it will cut down on red diesel and therefore save them money which can be reinvested into the Boar Park.

Bowland Wild Boar Park

Proposal: Installation of a 4kW Solar PV Array
Development Specifications: 16 x REW RPP240UM60 FB 240W panels, Sunfixings Park Tegra mounting frame – ground anchors (no concrete required), 1 x SMA 36000TL-21 inverter
Installed: November 2014
Estimated annual energy generation: 3,753 kWh
Estimated annual carbon saving: 2,029 kg

“Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd were excellent. They dealt with all the planning permissions that were required and they were very efficient and prompt when carrying out the installation works. We received excellent service and there was no mess left on site. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future and I would highly recommend them.”

Mr Chris Bailey, Bowland Wild Boar Park (Chipping)