Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation 2019-04-25T07:51:32+00:00

Once you have chosen your renewable energy source, make sure you get the most for your investment through energy optimization.

Less grid-export

By installing an energy optimisation unit, you can reduce the amount of energy your export to the grid but using more of the power you generation on site.

Save More Money

In using more of the power you generate on site, less energy will be purchased from the grid thus reducing your reliance of grid sourced power and lowering your electricity bill.

Seamless Technology

Energy optimisation systems are automated using sensors and so dont require user input. Once installed, the system will monitor energy requirements and divert any surplus.

My Energi – Eddi

The Eddi unit diverts surplus power from your solar or wind turbine system – putting it to use to heat your water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid.

immerSUN T1060

The immerSUN Unit (T1060) is a energy saving device. It helps you to self-consume the green energy produced by your microgeneration system and is compatible with all renewable generation technologies.

Can i benefit from energy optimisation?

If you already have a renewable energy source and some form of heat store, immersion heater, storage heater etc, then an energy optimisation unit could save you money. Any of the units we offer can be fitted in conjunction with domestic or commercial installations.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the products we install or would like us to conduct a site assessment, contact us today!