Ryse Energy G-11 (Formerly Gaia-Wind 133 11kW)

Ryse Energy G-11 (Formerly Gaia-Wind 133 11kW) 2021-07-06T10:54:37+00:00

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The G – 11 wind turbine has a long track record of successful performance, with over 1000 wind turbines installed worldwide totalling a combined operational history of more than 1500 years, and over 70 in Denmark, each running for over 10 years. Originally a Danish company established in 1993, the turbine benefits from more than 20 years of Danish design experience and now has its global headquarters located in Blackpool, from where the turbines are manufactured and distributed.

The G – 11 is highly productive and quiet turbine designed to maximise energy output in areas having low to moderate average annual wind speeds; i.e. those in the range of 4.5-7.5 m/s. The G – 11 turbine produces an annual energy yield ideally suited to farms, rural properties, large residences, businesses, and community projects where the primary goal is to reduce the amount of electricity imported rather than to generate specifically for export.

The G – 11 turbine is an outstanding performer for its generator rated power, owing to its large blade and significant swept area, thus helping you reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. The blade diameter and swept area are a better measure of a wind turbine’s capability, rather than its generator rating because it is the swept area of the blade that captures the wind’s energy.

Another key feature is one shared with larger scale turbines in that it has a slow rotational speed which remains constant regardless of the wind speed, thus reducing noise impact (even in high winds). Additionally, the G – 11 turbine incorporates many of the active control, sensor and safety features found in larger utility-scale turbines making it a very reliable and safe machine.

Architecture: Downwind, 2 bladed rotor, self-regulating & active control system

Rated Power: 11kW

IEC Turbine Class: Class III

Rotor Diameter: 13m

Swept Area: 133m2

Tower Types: 15m (tilt-up) & 18m monopole, 15m & 18m lattice

Grid Connection: Three phase







5.0 m/s 27,502 kWh

Low Wind Speed –

Villages, small towns,

woods or agricultural

areas with many high hedges

6.0 m/s 37,959 kWh

Medium Wind Speed –

Agricultural areas with

some windbreaks and

some buildings

7.0 m/s 46,527 kWh

High Wind Speed –

Open landscape with

few buildings and

no windbreaks

*Please note the above figures have been taken from the manufacturer’s data sheet.


Gaia-Wind 133 11kW – Brochure
Gaia-Wind 133 11kW – Data Sheet