Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) 2018-06-20T15:31:53+00:00

Energy Performance CertificatesFrom the 1st April 2012 customers must provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) with their Feed-in Tariff (FIT) application. The EPC needs to show that the building the installation is attached or wired to is level D or above. As this is not an MCS requirement, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the EPC before they apply for the FIT scheme. The customer can only claim the higher rate* if they can provide the EPC with the application. (*rates available to them at the time of the application)

When are the Energy Performance Certificates required?

When installing a PV system on a site for the first time (with the view of claiming the FIT), Energy Performance Certificates are required to be issued before the eligibility date of the installation. The application needs to be made to a FIT Licensee after the commissioning of the installation. However a key point is it is not possible to produce an EPC after the commissioning date for an extension to an existing FIT PV system. Therefore the EPC must be issued prior to the commissioning date on the MCS certificate. This is because the eligibility date for an extension to an existing FIT installation is the date the extension was commissioned (as there is no need to re-apply for the scheme).

Eligibility dates for MCS installations (including extensions) will be the latter of application or commissioning date. In all cases a relevant building needs to demonstrate at least a D rating before the eligibility date.

There are specific exemptions for requiring Energy Performance Certificates. With this in mind, for additional information on exemptions and requirements, we would recommend that you consult an EPC Assessor. A list of local specialist EPC Assessors can be found here.