FAQ’s: Wind

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How does a wind turbine work? First, the energy in the wind turns the blades around the rotor. Second, the rotor is connected to the main shaft, which consequently spins a generator to create electricity.

How much space is required for a turbine? Chiefly to reduce turbulence, it is better to site the turbine away from buildings and trees. It must be remembered that when installing and maintaining the turbine, the tower itself will need to be laid flat on the ground. For this reason a clear space equal to the height of the tower is adequate.

What is the life span of a wind turbine? A turbine should last for 20 years or comparatively more if regularly serviced.

Gaia Lattice (2)Are wind turbines noisy? Notably our most popular turbines have been designed to be very quiet. Therefore a suitably sited wind turbine can operate without any noise nuisance to nearby residents. However, the nearest residents to the wind turbine should be more than 135m away from the wind turbine base in order to eliminate noise issues.

Will the turbine impact wildlife? By all means livestock are able to graze in the same field as a turbine undisturbed by its presence. Equally important, any potential impact to bats and birds can be mitigated by suitable siting. Current Natural England guidance suggests a setback distance of 50m from any trees, hedgerows, buildings or water bodies.

Is my site windy enough for a wind turbine? It is important to realise that we won’t sell you a wind turbine unless we know it’s going to work for you. Please contact us to request a free desktop assessment of your site, produced by one of our in-house specialists. Additionally site assessments are complimentary and don’t obligate you to take your enquiry further.

What if lightning strikes? Full protection of electrical circuits is installed at manufacture. Nonetheless, it may also be worth insuring the turbine against lightning damage.

Is there a warranty for the turbine? Yes. Manufacturers’ warranties covers the wind turbine for 5 years.

What VAT rate applies? For businesses the standard rate of 20% applies. For domestic purchases, in some instances VAT is charged at 5% depending upon installation. This will be confirmed at the quotation stage.