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A Grid Connection application may need to be made to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to determine the costs associated with connecting your proposed generator to the grid. Generators rated up to 3.6kW on single-phase and 11kW on three-phase (up to and including 16 A per phase) can be connected under G83 with only post-notification being required by the DNO.

We will advise you following the Site Assessment stage (when you have decided on the type of technology to proceed with) as to whether a Grid Connection application will be required.

Export metering: Systems over 30kW require an export meter to be installed and you will be paid the export tariff based on the units actually exported.  For systems rated at 30kW and below, an export meter is not mandatory and you will be paid the export tariff at a deemed export amount based upon 50% of the total generation.

SES Ltd are able to submit a Grid Connection application to the DNO on your behalf. This is usually submit along side the planning application to ensure that any works required by the DNO are completed prior to the installation of your proposed renewable installation.

Your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is needed for a Grid Connection application. This is used along with details of the proposed installation and your existing connection to obtain permission to connect the wind turbine to the grid where necessary. The MPAN is your unique reference within the electricity system and is typically printed on your electricity bill.

Example MPAN:

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