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Desktop Assessment

Wind Speed ImageFirst of all the most important stage of choosing renewable technology for your Site Assessment.

Hence the first step towards installation of any renewable technology is for an initial free desktop assessment to be carried out. This is the initial contact made with Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd to talk through your project ideas and discuss which technology is best suited.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will talk you through your chosen technology collating information about your site and needs. From the information gathered, we will produce a short report containing estimates of cost, yield and payback period.

This will give you an overview of your project and assist you in deciding which technology is most suited for you site and needs.

Site Survey

After an initial desktop survey and a conversation with us have confirmed the potential viability of your project, the next step is a technical site survey. Whatever technology you wish to install, this is a critical part of the Site Assessment which makes sure that you get the right system for your property, your needs and your budget.

Included in the Site Survey Report:

  • An assessment of the potential wind/solar resource.
  • The identification of any issues which might disrupt the installation, e.g. site access, ground conditions, electrical connection, cable routes etc.
  • Visual impact montages for aesthetical overview.
  • Advice on the best possible location for the turbine/PV.
  • Payback analysis – detailing annual revenue generation

Once your site survey is complete, a full comprehensive report will be produced displaying all information captured and the outcome of your survey. We will also provide you with a full quotation, including works schedule and installation timescales.

Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd is a provider of quality assessment and installation services to prospective renewable energy customers.

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Following a desktop assessment, you may wish to look into Grid Connection and Planning