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As well as installing wind turbines and solar photovoltaic technologies, we place great importance on the service and maintenance of your valuable investment.

We pride ourselves on offering responsive, competent and excellent service throughout our working relationship with customers. Whether advising on new installations, guiding you through the planning process, providing service and maintenance for your installed technology or simply assisting you with general enquiries, we have a committed team of staff and professionally trained manufacturer-approved engineers to provide support.

Our engineers therefore employ a wealth of experience and knowledge to service your hardware. An important requirement in not only validating the manufacturer’s warranty but most of all in assuring its optimum performance and consequently the energy generation throughout the turbine lifetime.

Furthermore, Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd currently provide service and maintenance for hundreds of turbines throughout the UK.

Contact us to take advantage of the competitive prices we have to offer or if you have any questions regarding the service and maintenance of your wind turbine.

We currently offer servicing for the following turbines:

  • Gaia-Wind

  • Britwind – Evance – Iskra

  • SD Wind Energy – Kingspan – Proven

We now offer servicing contracts! 

Contact us today to find out more about packages available for your turbine.

Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd is a provider of quality assessment and installation services to prospective renewable energy customers.

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