Solar PV Installation

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System Design

We are able to supply and install roof and ground mounted Solar Photovoltaic PV Systems which we design specifically for your needs. Both roof or ground mounted options are available depending upon your situation. Both typically use an aluminium frame attached to the roof or ground anchor system.

Our experienced team will design your system to MCS standards to ensure we find the best fit for your needs.


The most visual element of the installation. Panels capture the sun’s energy via their photovoltaic cells and then use this to generate electricity. We only use quality panels to ensure maximum efficiency for the systems we install.

We are flexible in being able to source a wide range of panels from various suppliers.  From top specification from leading manufacturers, down to more affordable panels which still meet high standards and deliver robust warranties. Cell efficiency, performance tolerance, linear performance warranty and product warranty are an important consideration when selecting your panel brand and type.

SMA Inverters

The German made SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower series of inverters offer the highest quality. Consequently they have an extremely good reputation for performance. They use cutting-edge technology to develop and produce inverters that deliver a maximum efficiency of up to 98.5%. SMA inverters offer industry leading efficiencies, a wide operating temperature range, advanced cooling systems, low noise and comprehensive communications and monitoring.

Installation of a solar PV system is carried out by Installation of ground or roof mounting frames, solar modules, inverters and associated electrical components, electrical connection works and commissioning of the solar PV system.

Whether you are looking to install solar PV at your home or business, we can design and install the right system to meet your needs. Here at SES Ltd, we offer a quality service from initial survey through to installation and aftercare of your solar PV system.

Once your system is installed and commissioned, a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate will be issued to enable you to apply for the Feed-In tariff (FIT). Once accepted by your energy supplied, this FIT is index linked for 20 years. Payments are usually made quarterly and the reduction in energy purchased will be visible from when the array is installed. Visit our FIT page for more information.

For commercial systems, grant funding is currently available through the Carbon Trust. As a Carbon Trust certified installer, we can assist you with your application and provide advise to make your business more carbon effecient. Visit our Green Business Fund for more information.

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) is a maintenance free technology. However, throughout the lifespan of your system should you have any issues at all, we can help. Whether your array was installed by us or another company, we are happy to assist to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us

  • MCS Accredited installer for over 10 years
  • Qualified, Experienced installation team
  • Turnkey service from initial inquiry through installation
  • Insurance backed guarantee

If you are considering solar PV and would like further information, contact a member of a our team today. We'll be happy to discuss your project and offer advise on which products would best suited to your needs

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