Tesla Powerwall – Office and Warehouse Facility

Tesla Powerwall – Office and Warehouse Facility 2018-06-07T15:41:38+00:00

Practicing what we preach…

Project Overview

Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd (SES) have been living with the reality of energy from renewable sources for almost 10 years.  The current office environment was built with energy efficiency, conservation and generation in mind. The 800 ft2 of office space is highly insulated to ensure extremely low heat loss.  The electrical equipment was selected to optimise energy efficiency with LED lighting, instant hot water heating with minimal storage and low consumption computer hardware.  The heating requirements for the building are met with low temperature under floor wet heating  and supplied by a ground source heat pump (GSHP) achieving a good coefficient of performance (COP).

Existing Generation

Solar photovoltaics provide a renewable source of energy to power the electrical loading requirements.  This consists of a 19kW array mounted in East, West and Southerly orientations providing a good distribution of power throughout the day.  More recently the business has run an electric vehicle (EV) in an attempt to further reduce its carbon footprint.  The use of this vehicle lead to an overall increase in the peak loading requirements on the building, that did not match the power generation of the solar array.  The task was to harness the excess spill of energy exported to the grid in order to utilise that “free energy” available, to charge the EV.


Tesla Powerwall operating in conjunction with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage is a clever system that enables the excess energy to be diverted and stored for future use. This system has allowed SES to utilise a higher proportion of the energy generated by the onsite renewables, further improving the efficiency of the business.

Proposal: Installation of a Tesla Powerwall
Development Specifications: 1 x Tesla Powerwall
Installed: May 2017

“The setup with the Tesla Powerwall controlled with a Sunny Boy Storage is fantastic.  It is totally automatic and requires very little input once installed and setup.  That’s not to say that you set and forget as the remote monitoring and realtime interface is so informative that it is a constant distraction and very compelling.  I am very impressed with the arrangement and believe that this type of setup is the way forward for decentralised power generation.  It is a real candidate for the future balancing of power in the current energy market. My moto has always been that every little helps when it comes to generation.  This system enables the full implementation of decentralised power now.”

Jon Kemp, Director