Wind Turbine Insurance – Gaia Wind G11

Wind Turbine Insurance – Gaia Wind G11 2020-11-06T17:42:34+00:00

Ryse Energy have teamed up with Marsh Commercial on behalf of Aviva to bring you a specialist wind turbine insurance for your Gaia Wind (G11) machine. 

Why do you need a wind turbine insurance specialist?

Being part of a specialist industry requires an insurance policy that understands you. That’s why you need a specialist broker, and insurer partner, who understand the workings of Gaia wind turbines, what potentially can go wrong with them, and what needs to be done to react quickly to claims.

How Marsh Commercial’s specialist wind turbine insurance experts can help you

Marsh Commercial’s specific renewable energy industry knowledge can help support your business. Marsh insure hundreds of wind turbines across the UK, and are highly experienced in the settlement of renewable energy insurance claims.

Key features on the Gaia wind turbine insurance scheme

Subject to a Gaia/Ryse Energy service agreement being in place, the key features of our comprehensive All Risks Wind Turbine Insurance package includes:

  • Breakdown cover – parts and labour

  • Public Liability cover – £2,000,000

  • Maximum sum insured per turbine – £65,000

  • Maximum sum insured for loss of revenue per turbine – £12,000

  • Material damage excess – £750

  • Business interruption – excess 7 days

  • Liability excess – £500

Premiums per turbine start at £750 + Insurance Premium Tax @ 12% (subject to terms and conditions)

For more information or to set up a policy, contact Keith Tree at Marsh Commercial