Wind Turbine Foundation Ultrasonic Bolt Inspection (NDT)

Wind Turbine Foundation Ultrasonic Bolt Inspection (NDT) 2018-09-04T14:09:12+00:00

Ultrasonic Bolt Inspection is an important test which is conducted to assess for any flaws and potential faults in the foundation bolts on monopole towers. It is also known as NDT (non destructive testing).

How NDT works…

In ultra-sonic testing, high frequency sound waves are produced and received with a transducer. If a defect is present in the bolt then the sound energy signal created by the transducer will have a percentage of this signal reflected back to the UT set.  This then displays this defect on an LCD monitor. It is then possible to interpret this display to ascertain the depth and size of said defect without further comprising the integrity of the bolt being tested.

When should this test be carried out?

It is recommended that this assessment should be conducted as a minimum annually or before tower ascent following an extreme wind event. External factors such as extreme wind events, Rotor over-speed, Rotor imbalance and poor installation methods may provide conditions that exert turbine components to stresses which exceed design limits. The foundation bolts of a wind turbine form a crucial interface between the tower and its foundation. The consequence of failure in this Interface can be devastating for the turbine and can cause potential safety critical issues.

Sustainable Energy Systems Ltd offer a premium annual service which includes NDT inspection by our qualified engineers on each visit prior to tower ascent. In addition, we also offer this inspection to our non-service customers at competitive rates. Contact us today for more information.