Wind Power

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Wind turbines allow us to harness energy from the UK’s abundant wind resource to power our homes and businesses, saving money and in most cases, providing a revenue.

Domestic Wind

Whether you own acres of land or have a large garden, a small scale wind turbine if correctly sited can contribute towards self sufficiency in terms of energy generation. A small scale wind turbine has the potential to produce enough power to cover your domestic energy needs. We recommend the Britwind R9000 or Kingspan.

Agricultural Wind

Due to the rural location of most farms, wind turbines are often well suited for optimal energy generation. Whether a dairy farm looking to reduce energy costs or an arable farm looking for a means of diversification, a small-medium scale wind turbine is a great solution to energy needs. We recommend Gaia-Wind 133 or Eocycle.

Commercial Wind

Installation of a wind turbine is a great way to diversify your business whilst reducing your running costs. Depending upon the space available and the nature of your business, a medium-large scale wind turbine will off-set your on-site energy demands. We recommend the Gaia-Wind 133, Eocycle or larger scale wind.

5kW Britwind (Formerly Evance) R9000

The Britwind Evance R9000 has been specifically designed to capture more energy at lower wind speeds thus making it one of the most efficient 5kW turbines available. It starts generating energy at low wind speeds and is designed to run continuously at high wind speeds, so providing the maximum yield possible. Additionally, with a patented high efficiency generator, the Britwind Evance R9000 converts up to 96% of the energy captured into electricity in on- and off-grid applications.

11kW Gaia-Wind 133

The Gaia-Wind turbine is an outstanding performer for its generator rated power, owing to its large blade and significant swept area, thus helping you reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. The blade diameter and swept area are a better measure of a wind turbine’s capability, rather than its generator rating because it is the swept area of the blade that captures the wind’s energy.

Which turbine is right for me?

Whether you’re looking to power your home or business, we’re here to help you decide which machine would best suit your needs. From initial enquiry, we conduct a desktop assessment to establish your needs, assess local wind speeds and provide you with a report detailing suitable options. Following this report, a full site survey is carried out to provide accurate costings for installation.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the machines we install or would like us to conduct a site assessment, contact us today!