My Energi – Zappi EV Charge point

My Energi – Zappi EV Charge point 2018-06-07T15:41:39+00:00


From £495 plus installation

OLEV Grant funding available. Click here for more information

zappi 7kW EV Charge Point

zappi is an electric vehicle charge point with special charging modes to maximise the benefit of your solar or wind turbine system.

The charge point can be installed with or without on-site renewable energy sources.

zappi is OLEV approved and is therefore eligible for government installation grants.

One day installation means a quick and easy solution to charging your electric vehicle at home.

Alongside zappi, harvi can be installed to provide wireless energy harvesting sensoring.

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Benefits of zappi

  • 3 Charging Modes (Fast, Eco and Eco+)

  • OLEV Approved

  • Boost function – keeps the battery at a minimum charge level
  • Adjustable charge current limit – allows installation with smaller circuit breakers (e.g. 16A)
  • Adjustable import power limit – the maximum import limit can be set to limit power drawn by the house when charging
  • Through-wall or surface mount cable entry options for easy wiring
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Type 1 & 2 connectors available